The end game as seen from the start

My personal change challenge is to look at ways of reducing my ecological impact. A brief review of the numbers reveals that a significant contributor to the problem is flying. The way in which carbon footprints typically look at this is in personal terms and often discounting or over simplifying the impact of air freight, so I’m going to look at localising the consumer goods that I purchase and attempting to find sustainable methods of transport for any longer distance journeys.

On the personal travel front, I have already opted not to fly home over the course of this year so now it’s looking at how to get to Norway for Christmas without flying and whilst trying to keep within rather constrained student finances. I’ve already found a few alternative routes here and will post more about these in coming posts. I’ll attempt to summarise how these options stack up compared with a direct flight too.

On the consumption side of things, my morning ritual of a banana with Weetabix may have to become a seasonal local fruit with Weetabix. Back home, the banana would be sent by truck from the mid Queensland coast to Melbourne (still not that close and certainly not a contender for a ‘locavore’ diet). In Britain however most bananas are from Colombia, Ecuador or Costa Rica and generally sea freighted to Southampton or Portsmouth before distribution locally. So minimising my food miles (and other items of consumption where possible) forms the second main part of my personal change challenge.

Keep an eye out for the next post on (more) sustainable options of getting to Norway from the UK!

One thought on “The end game as seen from the start

  1. This is a good challenge with much to do and to reflect on. Good luck.

    You may want to think about the way in which ecological footprinting accounts for movement of goods. Also, for interest, you might be interested to explore the relationships and politics that have led to UK being such a major consumer of bananas.


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