Taking the railway via Røros – an error in planning

edit: If you’re interested in the details about getting to Røros and what you can do there, then please visit my new post on exactly this topic.

I have just recently discovered the problem of not reading through my travel plans in sufficient detail before booking.

This has consequently led me to taking the slower diesel train that travels via Røros to Oslo as opposed to the larger more comfortable electric train that travels via the Dovrefjell mountain range (see Dombås in the map below). When I told my Norwegian housemate about this (from Oslo) he had a good laugh at me. So this is not a mistake that Norwegians make…

At least the section of the journey from Oslo to Sandnes has no choices, so it’s not possible to stuff up that part of the journey.

NSB rutekart
NSB Route Map. From Trondheim to Oslo there are 2 options, but really anyone that knows anything takes the faster electric train via Dombås. So I’m the outlier.

What does this mean for my journey? Well I’ve made a bit of a comparison below.

Electric train via Dombås (looks like I’m the dombås now…)

  • 550km total distance
  • 14kg CO2 (for average utilisation of 34%. If full, 4.8kg)
  • 6h 42m travel time Trondheim to Oslo
  • More leg room and small tables for every passenger space
The so-called Dovrebanen (Dovre railway) snakes it’s way through forrested valleys and rolling hills like these idyllic pastures around Dombås

Diesel train via Røros

  • The first 435km are operated by diesel train from Trondheim – Hamar. The last 122km is electrified between Hamar and Oslo (thus there are two trains with waiting time in between).
  • 45.8kg CO2 (for average utilisation of 34%. If full, 15.5kg)
  • 7h 31m travel time Trondheim to Oslo (mostly because there are two trains rather than one)
  • Smaller train with no food onboard, less legroom and no tables.
The considerably smaller Rørosbanen via Røros.

So as a result of my error, I am now going in a slower, more cramped train that produces 3x the carbon emissions and smells of diesel. My net emissions (assuming average occupancy 34%) is going to be 60.3kg, not wildly better than SAS’ stated emissions of 87kg on the same route flying direct (they assume 72% occupancy).

Great. At least the occupancy is likely to be higher than 34% on the Sunday before Christmas, cutting the environmental impact back a bit.

Hopefully my experience with the sleeping cabin on the train from Oslo to Sandnes is better. Hopefully I manage to get on this train! The time between my arrival and departure from Oslo is less than an hour. And NSB does not have the best time keeping record on long distance trains…

The man from Seat61 says I’ll have a fairly compact sleeping cabin…


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