My shot at ‘sykkelhumor.’ A collection of my personal bicycle memes.

Today, for the first time, I’m writing something that is somewhat connected to what I do. My PhD is about bicycle infrastructure planning. I’ve been into bikes for a while. Since my first or second year at university, when I first tried a friend’s old racer. Norway’s terrain and weather is a bit demanding on road bikes. Salted roads, gravel for grip on slippery paths and quite hilly areas make it challenging for highly geared road bikes. This combination means that the most common bikes here are generally not the comfortable city bikes that you see in the Netherlands or Denmark. Of course they’re mountain bikes! A subsequent look around the university’s bicycle parking spaces reveals that this is definitely the case. NTNU Bicycle Survey Typology   But statistics on bicycle types are not very exciting. So I’ve made a collection of mini-memes based on photos I’ve taken in recent years.

Norwegian Utility Bicycle Logistics
My police auction acquisition. With the usual Norwegian winter payload. Skis and boots! Now it’s properly set up with a rear rack.
Singsaker Rute
Last year I discovered this fairly sub-standard section of the bicycle network in Trondheim. It’s not actually as bad as it seems, as there’s a near-new bicycle path on the other side of the road leading to the city centre. Nonetheless it seemed comical to me that this was part of the main bike network. 4 months later? Well you can see the differences yourself!
Group Cycling Typologies
Multi-person cycling typologies in the Netherlands and the UK. Yes the cyclists in London are drinking beer whilst cycling. It’s probably warm too.

Bicycle parking as an indicator of bikeability See the next image for my inspiration on this theme.

Melbourne. Whilst considered in Australia to be ok for cycling, Melbourne has got a long way to go! (Extract from Buehler, Pucher 2012. ‘City Cycling’ – highly recommended!).
Trondheim's modern-day sisyphus
Trondheim’s modern-day Sisyphus. Click picture to read the Greek Mythology.

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