Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet write ‘The Wetsuitman’

I am back in Norway again. In the process of sorting out my life after the summer break. A good chunk of my summer was spent in Amsterdam for a summer course on urban cycling which was excellent. I also got to meet some family who I hadn’t seen in a long long time. Had the graduation ceremony from my masters degree. Met friends, new and old.

Plenty of travel related things happened too, and I will write more about this when I am on top of my post summer workload. Unfortunately still getting around mostly by plane, but land-based for as much as I could practically manage.

In the meantime, I just finished reading through an excellent investigative journalism piece from the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. Written in English for a broader audience (but Norwegian available too).

It’s quite a sad story in a way, but fascinating at the same time. It’s a double missing persons mystery with wetsuits, solved by the journalist team who wrote the story.

I don’t want to give away too much more, but I can say that it relates to a concluding comment I had in a previous post.

Get yourself a cup of tea, it took me (I’m a slow reader) a bit over half an hour to get through. Enjoy!

The Wetsuitman

Last winter two bodies were found in Norway and the Netherlands. They were wearing identical wetsuits. The police in three countries were involved in the case, but never managed to identify them. This is the story of who they were.


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