The 7 ‘rules’ of the Norwegian Environment Code

In 1952, the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) and the Norwegian Red Cross developed two brochures that became the start of the Norwegian Mountain Code (or Fjellvettreglene). This was done after a number of tragic fatalities in the mountains in Easter 1950 due to poor preparation. The code is upgraded frequently and presently includes 9 critical pieces of advice for anyone who wants to explore the mountainous regions of Norway.

In Summer 2016 the youth chapter of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT Ung) has partnered up with Protect Our Winters Norway to develop the Norwegian Environment Code (Miljøvettreglene).

Although nothing is exceptionally new on this list, I still find this list a very handy reference guide for anyone. It is well worth having a quick browse through the list of 7 rules below (I have translated the ‘rules’ beneath each picture).


Environment Rule 1: Travel less, experience more.

Environment Rule 2: Go for experiences, not equipment
Environment Rule 3: Fix everything, always
Environment rule 4: Eat green (for both your health and the environment)
Environment Rule 5: Carpooling is good driving (use some time to find the most environmentally friendly way of travelling, whether it be carpooling or public transport)
Environment Rule 6: Be equipped for unexpected rubbish (leave only your footprints behind)
Environment Rule 7: Show the way, be an environmental role model.



Nature lovers and travellers can have very high carbon footprints, so it’s well worth being conscious of ways in which this impact can be reduced, and even make a positive contribution to the environment.

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