About me

I have a strong interest in sustainability, and how we can all as individuals work towards treading lighter on the planet. Early in my university education (over ten years ago) I took a course on climate change and one of the exercises was to calculate our carbon footprint. Although massively simplified, it showed that my flying related emissions (two return trips between Perth and Melbourne each year) were by far the biggest contributor to my otherwise fairly normal Australian (student) lifestyle.

I hope to reduce my personal footprint and discuss my progress in this blog. The first target is to get below the average emissions for a human on Earth. At some point it would be nice to reduce it even further to get to the levels considered to be within planetary boundaries (or even negative emissions if that becomes a realistic option – install solar panels maybe or start investing in commercial renewable energy?).

When I started this blog, I was commencing my masters in Engineering Sustainability in England, after a 2 year stint working in civil engineering in Australia. I am now working as a researcher in transportation and sustainability in Norway, with my main academic interests on urban transport policy and networks (I am a novice GIS user and am focused primarily on quantitative methods).

Norway is the fourth country I’ve lived in after Australia, USA and UK (thanks to my wife coming from this part of the world), and this of course means leaving the comfort of the English speaking world, so in my spare time I am learning the language and mannerisms of the Norwegian people, together with cross country skiing, a must for all new nordmenn!




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