About this blog

As an exercise in personal change, I have come to consider the ways in which I could minimise some aspects of my ecological impact. A brief look at my carbon footprint quickly reveals the elephant in the room: emissions from air travel. So my blog begins with a focus on sustainable transport choices. Whilst personal transport is the most important element of this, so too are the emissions associated with air freight of goods.

When I started this blog mid-late in 2013, I had decided to try to avoid flying until the new year (since it originated from an informal challenge at University). This meant finding a way to travel from the East of England to Southern Norway for Christmas without flying. I successfully completed that challenge, but my ecological footprint hasn’t greatly reduced. Often flying is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way around (at least within Europe, N. America and Australia where I’ve been doing most of my travel). So it can be an exercise in logistics finding other means of getting around.

Air transport is not always avoidable, but there are times when it is certainly a choice that has alternatives. I will explore some of these alternatives to see how easy they are to take, and what benefits can be reaped.



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