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As an exercise in personal change, I have come to consider the ways in which I can minimise some aspects of my ecological impact. A brief look at my carbon footprint quickly reveals the elephant in the room: emissions from air travel. So my blog begins with a focus on sustainable transport choices. Whilst personal transport is the most important element of this, so too are the emissions associated with the freight of consumables.

When I started this blog mid-2013, I had decided to try to avoid flying until the new year (since it originated from an informal challenge at university). This meant finding a way to travel from the east of England to southern Norway for Christmas without flying. I successfully completed that challenge, but my ecological footprint hasn’t greatly reduced. Often flying is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way around. I thought ten years ago that we must be close to peak air travel affordability, but it seems I was wrong. Budget airlines now connect Asia with Europe and Europe with North America at preposterously low prices (less than a domestic train ticket in Norway sometimes!).

Air transport is not always readily avoidable (like visiting Australia from Europe), but there are times when choices can be made without enormous sacrifice. I will explore some of these alternatives to see how easy they are to take, and what benefits can be reaped.


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