The Oslo-Trondheim example of rail vs plane

Norway has long been the European country with the most domestic flights. This is not so strange when one considers how geographically isolated it is, it’s length, difficult topography, distributed population and wealth. But the Norwegian NGO Framtiden i våre hender (Future in our hands) has compiled some rather shocking statistics placing Norway in relation … More The Oslo-Trondheim example of rail vs plane

What is ‘normal’? Air travel habits of Norwegians and Europeans

I have flown a lot. That’s the main cause of my personal carbon footprint being so high. I have made quite a number of little changes to my lifestyle to try and reduce this, but it remains a dominant part of the footprint for many Norwegians and Europeans (probably most developed countries in general). But … More What is ‘normal’? Air travel habits of Norwegians and Europeans

Work and Play

At the end of the month I’m travelling again. Going to France for a conference. But combining the trip with a visit to some friends who live in Switzerland. They’re not exactly that close together, but certainly a distance that can be done by train. So whilst the majority of my journey is going to … More Work and Play


The choices are getting more and more numerous as I delve deeper into the transport options available between here and Norway. I’ve tried to compare them all for a departure on the final day of our classes, Friday the 20th of December. This doesn’t give the best results as Fridays are inevitably more expensive than … More Optioneering