The great spare parts drought

Rule 3 of the Norwegian environmental code is to “Fix Everything, Always.” I have been trying to fix as much as possible of my things where possible before considering replacing them. It isn’t stated, but also should really apply to preventative maintenance too. Some things will be fixed by the producer (particularly those products made … More The great spare parts drought

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The Liberated Feast

Courtesy of Nils, I went along this evening to the Liberated Feast. It was not dissimilar from what I expected but pretty incredible considering the premise: that all the food used in the three course sit down dinner was from donations from organic farm producers, fruit & vegetable box distributors, supermarkets and local market sellers. … More The Liberated Feast

Uncategorised foods

Whilst I get bogged down in the details of finding routes across the North Sea and Skaggerak, and simultaneously attempt to contact some friends who I can potentially stay with on the journey home, I will continue the food topic on low transport/sustainable foods. From my food map, there was quite a significant portion of … More Uncategorised foods