Cargo ship travel!

I’ve been waiting for a long time to be able to write this post. In August I took my first trip by cargo ship – from Gothenburg in Sweden to Zeebrugge in Belgium. If you’ve read this blog before you may remember that I’ve discussed cargo ship travel a little bit before when I was … More Cargo ship travel!

The great spare parts drought

Rule 3 of the Norwegian environmental code is to “Fix Everything, Always.” I have been trying to fix as much as possible of my things where possible before considering replacing them. It isn’t stated, but also should really apply to preventative maintenance too. Some things will be fixed by the producer (particularly those products made … More The great spare parts drought

More The great spare parts drought

Flyfri ferie: Plane-free holiday

Flyfri ferie is a Norwegian expression I first saw written on the excellent Norwegian blog Grønne Jenter (Green Girls). It means airplane-free holiday but sounds nicer with the alliteration from Norwegian :). The equivalent expression could be staycation (combining with vacation) but I think ‘stay’ doesn’t have such positive connotations in the context of holidays. It sounds … More Flyfri ferie: Plane-free holiday

Long distance ground transport – is it worth it?

I have recently been following some of the work of a colleague of mine, Kjartan, who is a recently graduated PhD working in my university’s Industrial Ecology department. He has an impressive number of publications behind him for someone who’s just finished his PhD and has been quite active in the media lately (both local … More Long distance ground transport – is it worth it?

My summer get-to-England-without-a-plane plans are in ruins but…

A peculiarity of Norwegian law means that holidays are earnt in the year prior to their use. Meaning I have a week’s paid holiday this year. Well well. So the summer break won’t be as long as I thought. That means I don’t necessarily have the time to sit on a cargo boat or train … More My summer get-to-England-without-a-plane plans are in ruins but…