Energy saving opportunities everywhere

From turning off the lights at work to using mother nature as your fridge in winter, there are many many ways of saving electricity. For the good of your pocket and the environment. … More Energy saving opportunities everywhere


The 7 ‘rules’ of the Norwegian Environment Code

In 1952, the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) and the Norwegian Red Cross developed two brochures that became the start of the Norwegian Mountain Code (or Fjellvettreglene). This was done after a number of tragic fatalities in the mountains in Easter 1950 due to poor preparation. The code is upgraded frequently and presently includes 9 critical pieces of … More The 7 ‘rules’ of the Norwegian Environment Code

Flyfri ferie: Plane-free holiday

Flyfri ferie is a Norwegian expression I first saw written on the excellent Norwegian blog Grønne Jenter (Green Girls). It means airplane-free holiday but sounds nicer with the alliteration from Norwegian :). The equivalent expression could be staycation (combining with vacation) but I think ‘stay’ doesn’t have such positive connotations in the context of holidays. It sounds … More Flyfri ferie: Plane-free holiday